Our Approach

Supporting Equity and Excellence in Community Education Nonprofits Family Programs

At MAYA Consulting, our purpose is to support equity and excellence in community, so we all live a good life. This purpose drives our approach to work. It means involving community voices in our process in order to support sustainable change.

MAYA’s unique strategy is at the heart of everything we do. We start with the what and how to support educators and communities to inform our approach to equity.

Our most important role as consultants is to show up, listen, and empathize. We then roll up our sleeves to help problem-solve while giving agency and stewardship of the process to those directly involved. In this way, communities have success and long-lasting change.

We believe that building truly inclusive spaces where power is shared, and where privilege is recognized, and actively utilized for good is the best way to achieve equity and excellence, whether this is in nonprofit management, school systems, or family programs.

We believe our best work is done in the community. This means prioritizing building power for community members who are marginalized and who will be most impacted by a change. When all people share power, we can bridge short-term wins to longer-term, systemic results.

Inspired by Lilla Watson, we believe liberation of one community is bound up with the liberation of all communities. This means every member of a community not only has the space to define the opportunities they need to live a good life, but benefits from working together to ensure we all live a good life.

We believe the goal of our work is to ensure we all live a good life, a concept defined by students, parents, and educators, supported by Dr. Erin Raab. A “good life” includes five parts -- productive work, rewarding relationships, creative self-expression, civic and political engagement, and health.