MAYA Consulting is an approved partner for ‘Maryland Leads’

Larkin Tackett
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MAYA Partners Will Help School Districts Develop ‘Grow Your Own Staff’ Programs, 

Innovative School Models, and Excellent Community Schools

MAYA Consulting is an approved partner for the new Maryland Leads grant initiative, created by the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) to use federal funds to respond to pandemic impacts on public education. Local Education Agencies (LEAs) can leverage strategic partnerships to target critical needs, including building teacher and staff pipelines, accelerating student learning to close achievement and opportunity gaps, and increasing support for the needs of underserved students and communities. 

MAYA consultants will provide best-in-class support to school systems for three high-leverage strategies to support equity and excellence in Maryland school communities:

  • Grow Your Own Staff
  • Innovative School Models
  • Community Schools

MSDE’s partner matching window is open from May 25 to June 2, when LEAs can make partner selections.

MAYA is an education consulting firm that works with school districts, nonprofits, and foundations to create excellent and equitable system level changes in education. The MAYA team is comprised of experts in strategic planning, project management and diversity, equity, and inclusion. Focusing on sustainable solutions, MAYA has supported school leaders in more than 90 LEAs, large and small, urban and rural, throughout the nation.

For information on matching with MAYA Consulting to support your LEA, please contact Larkin Tackett, MAYA’s Founder and Chief Executive Officer.

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Larkin Tackett


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