Wilnaphekie Taloute

Staff Consultant

Wilnaphekie Taloute is a lifelong learner who is naturally inclined to be an inclusive leader & culturally conscious team player. Her passion for helping teams bridge access to equitable education is reinforced by her professional experience, which spans social impact strategy, program monitoring and evaluation, and people management. 

From supporting M&E efforts for a client serving over 10,000 high school students as a Senior Business Analyst at Cicero Group to collaborating with cross-functional teams to drive data-backed organizational transformation at multiple establishments, Naphekie has demonstrated her knack for being a creative and high-impact problem-solver equipped to navigate fast-paced projects across multiple workstreams. Naphekie obtained a Master’s in Management Studies degree from the Fuqua School of Business at Duke University and a B.A. in Sociology and Africana Studies from the University of Pennsylvania.

Outside of work, Naphekie enjoys expanding her understanding of different personality types, connecting with others through cultures and languages, spending quality time with loved ones, and traveling.