Celia Godínez-Sánchez

Administrative Manager

Celia Godínez-Sánchez serves as the Administrative Manager at MAYA Consulting, driven by a firm belief that everyone should have access to a fulfilling life and the freedom to make choices. With the right resources, she envisions that these opportunities are within reach for all. For over 25 years, Celia has dedicated herself to actively and purposefully contributing to the betterment of communities, working joyfully to turn this vision into reality. 

Celia’s unwavering commitment to fostering equitable opportunities for children & their families is both a personal commitment and a professional calling. Prior to joining MAYA, Celia spent 21 years at KIPP Texas Public Schools – Austin. Starting from various operations roles, she steadily progressed to become Assistant Principal of Operations. As a founding member, she laid the cornerstone for robust operational systems at KIPP Austin College Prep, setting a benchmark for the 11 schools that followed in subsequent years. During her last 3 years at KIPP, she played a pivotal role in co-managing the school budget, strategizing to ensure consistent student attendance, refining operational policies, and collaborating with support partners to create the safest possible campus environment for families. 

Celia and her daughter migrated from Mexico City to Texas when her daughter was 5 years old. Ever since, Austin has been her cherished home. Beyond her professional achievements, Celia finds joy in spending quality time with her daughter, three granddaughters, and their beloved dog. She also enjoys  Sunday brunches with her sister and the rest of her family.